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People Development
Training and Coaching 

  • Need-based and customize training to aid in people’s capability growth.

  • Training combine with coaching to enhance knowledge-based education and experience, upskilling and reskilling talents to ensure a more comprehensive approach to people’s development in different competencies of hard skills and soft skills.

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Hard Skills Training 

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Soft Skills Training

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Hard Skill
Training Courses 

Written & Spoken Professional English

A 1-2 days training follow by coaching sessions to bring concrete results and help all students use their English in a more effective way so their spoken and written communication skills reflect the future professional standard any organization is expecting. All grammar mistakes will systematically be corrected throughout the training. Major aspects in effective communication will also to be approached while working on essential vocabulary

Restaurant Management 

The courses which fall under restaurant management are customer services, culinary and kitchen service safety, Western/ Asian Cooking, service mindset, and communication skills.  

Sales Management

Learn the tactics to hiring, training and motivating the sales team, forecasting sales and setting sales goals, and developing effective strategies for managing leads and increasing sales.

Financial Literacy 

Financial literacy could be customize from 1 individual training, or a combined 5 days of training on cash management, debt management, and savings for anyone who wants to effectively manage their finances. 

Revenue Management

Learn the data-driven strategy meant to predict and inform the best times and ways to maximize revenue generation based on customer behaviors. 

Marketing & Branding 

This course will offer insights on marketing and branding and what are the key differences between these two.  

Email and Business Correspondence

This 2 days of training follow by coaching sessions will get entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and all professionals who are interested in improving their written communication skills to help close sales, deliver a clear and concise message to partners and or leadership team in order to work better together.

Presentation Skills

Learn the tactics to presenting information clearly and effectively.

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