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People Development
Training and Coaching 

  • Need-based and customize training to aid in people’s capability growth.

  • Training combine with coaching to enhance knowledge-based education and experience, upskilling and reskilling talents to ensure a more comprehensive approach to people’s development in different competencies of hard skills and soft skills.

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Hard Skills Training 

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Soft Skills Training

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Hard Skills
Training Courses 

Written & Spoken Professional Business English

A 1-2 days training follow by coaching sessions to bring concrete results and help all students use their English in a more effective way so their spoken and written communication skills reflect the future professional standard any organization is expecting. All grammar mistakes will systematically be corrected throughout the training. Major aspects in effective communication will also to be approached while working on essential vocabulary

Restaurant Management 

The courses which fall under restaurant management are customer services, culinary and kitchen service safety, Western/ Asian Cooking, service mindset, and communication skills.  

Labor Law for HR

Learn about labor law to be compliant according to the Cambodian law.

Finance / Budgeting

Learn 2 to 5 days of training on cash management, debt management, and savings for those who wants to learn how to effectively manage their finances. 

Cross Cultural Communication


This cross-cultural communication course will guide learners on how to recognize, understand and overcome potential barriers when communicating with other cultures in a way that is productive and non-offensive.

Project Management

Principles that have been used to create enormous successes in large projects can be applied to projects of any size to create
amazing success. As a result, many employees are expected to understand project management techniques and how to apply them to projects of any size. This workshop will give participants an overview of the entire project management process, as well as key project management tools that they can use every day.

Financial Literacy 

Financial literacy could be customize from 1 individual training, or a combined 5 days of training on cash management, debt management, and savings for anyone who wants to effectively manage their finances. 

Revenue Management

Learn the data-driven strategy meant to predict and inform the best times and ways to maximize revenue generation based on customer behaviors. 

Marketing and Branding

This course will offer insights on marketing
and branding and what are the key differences between these two.

Sales and Customer Service


Learn the tactics to presenting information
clearly and effectively, conversational rapport to creating trust with clients as a professional salesperson.

Environmental, Social and Governance 

The ESG training provides a concise overview of sustainability, CSR, and ESG policies. Participants explore sustainable business models, weighing risks and benefits within the triple bottom line framework. The program guides the development of effective ESG strategies, emphasizing alignment with organizational goals. It also covers sustainable practices in operations and supply chains, addressing ethical considerations and environmental impact. The training underscores the importance of transparent sustainability reporting for accountability. Overall, it equips professionals to navigate and contribute to the evolving landscape of responsible business practices.

Email and Business Correspondence

This 2 days of training follow by coaching sessions will get entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and all professionals who are interested in improving their written communication skills to help close sales, deliver a clear and concise message to partners and or leadership team in order to work better together.

Presentation Skills

Learn the tactics to presenting information clearly and effectively.

Sales Management

Learn the tactics to hiring, training and motivating the sales team, forecasting sales and setting sales goals, and developing effective strategies for managing leads and increasing sales.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics



To understand problems & issues within the respective fields of logistics & supply chain and learn to solve them with reasoning & analysis

International Expansion


This course will help you make intelligent decisions as you expand your business internationally. It provides a blueprint for researching markets, setting clear and realistic goals, evaluating various market entry options, modeling your international
business and growing your global business long term.

Soft Skills
Training Courses

Transformational Leadership


A Leadership paradigm in which a leader
works with individuals to

1. To identify required change, create a vision to steer the transformation via influence, inspiration, and execution in collaboration with dedicate members of a group.

2. To develop behaviour that moves beyond, immediate or personal 
success or achievements.

3. To inculcate performance that helps push perceived limits and capabilities, to tap into their potential.

Agile Mindset

Agile Mindset is a set of values and practices that enable individuals and teams to be more adaptable, innovative, and customer-focused. Our comprehensive training program is designed to help you develop a deep understanding of Agile Mindset and its applications in various domains.

Improving Performance by Servant Leadership


A 2 day course especially curated for high potential employees, business leaders,  managers and professionals. This course offers a transformative journey into the principles of servant leadership, empowering participants to enhance team performance by fostering a culture of support, mentorship, and self-reflection. This course provides a comprehensive exploration of servant leadership's core concepts, characteristics, potential barriers, mentoring and motivating skills, and the vital practice of self-reflection.

Productivity and Effective Time Management


1-2 days Intensive course that enables one to

  1. Monitor the Time and Identify Time Wasters

  2. Effective Use Time Management Tools

  3. Use Technology tools to improve time management

  4. Task Management

  5. Prioritized checklist (To -Do - List)

Public Speaking

This course can be customize for 1 or 2-day of training for University students, graduates, and young professionals to learn the skills and techniques required to be a better public speaker.

Career Plan and Employability Skills


A 3-day training course for Youth, University Students, Graduates, Young professionals to better plan their career. To be familiar with a set of transferable skills and key personal attributes which are highly valued by employers and essential
for effective performance in the workplace.

Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills


1-2 days training course that provides you with the tools and techniques needed to deal with different problems

1. Needed Skills for Problem Solvers

2. Systematic Problem-Solving Process

3. Decision Making Process and Tools

4. Goal Setting & Action Planning

Effective Communication Strategies for Successful People



This training covers understanding the nature of communication, recognizing various forms, and overcoming barriers. Participants learn to enhance non-verbal and paraverbal communication, employ the STAR method for impromptu speaking, actively listen, ask insightful questions, and use appreciative inquiry. The program also teaches adept conversation and networking, problem-solving, and the use of "I" messages for effective communication.

Personal and Professional Growth


1 to 2 days of training for Youth, University Students, Graduates, and Young professionals to develop and enhance skills to accelerate both, personal and professional success. Learn about
a. Mastering self-awareness,
b. Personal goal setting,
c. Goals and purposes of life
d. Self-esteem and self-motivation.

Management and Leadership Skills


1-2 days training course for Young & mid-career professionals to improve their leadership skills. Understand leadership conceptually, as well as the difference between leadership and management, and their practical applications in the workplace.

Critical and Creative Thinking


This 2-day training is a must for young professional, Individual Contributor, Professionals, anyone who want to improve their thinking skill and develop themselves to compete in the international

Personal Motivation

This is a 2-day training that can be useful for youth, university students, people who just started their careers, and people who have worked for years to understand the personal motivation to take the initiative and action to pursue goals and complete tasks.

Team Spirit and Team Building


This aims to engage team work toward collective goals while maintaining well-being and respect each other. Through this training, organizations can create effective
tools for the team cohesiveness.

Career Plan and Employability Skills


A 3-day training course for Youth, University Students, Graduates, Young professionals to better plan their career. To be familiar with a set of transferable skills and key personal attributes which are highly valued by employers and essential
for effective performance in the workplace.

The Essential Guide to Goal Setting and Getting Things Done



This training helps individuals overcome procrastination, manage time effectively, accomplish important tasks, and self-motivate. It teaches the creation of SMART goals for improved productivity and success.

Self Confidence and Assertiveness



This training deals with understanding assertiveness and self-confidence, and the four styles of communication, the types of negative thinking, and how one can overcome negative thoughts, realise the difference between listening and hearing, practice setting SMART goals for assertive behavior, Utilize methodologies for understanding your worth -- and the use of positive self-talk, practice sending positive communications phrased as “I-Messages” and strategies for gaining positive outcomes in difficult interpersonal situations

Leadership Development


In-depth 6 - 12 months, interactive and experiential training program for high-potential employees, supervisors and managers who responsible for leading others and desire to grow their leadership
potential. It is tailored to meet the needs of an organization to enhance leaders and managers’ performance.

Interpersonal Communication


1. Tools to cultivate and nurture skills and competencies to build and maintain good relationships with others.
2. Developing empathy and assertiveness and becoming socially more responsible.
3. Developing effectiveness in communication between participants.

Developing Emotional Intelligence


Understanding behavioral type to work together Develop emotional intelligence. How to build participants’ capacity and become more effective at work and in life
Cultivate positive emotions for better performance.

Dealing with Different and Difficult Personalities


A 1-2 days intensive course will help

1. Understand people’s personalities
2. Self-awareness and self- development
3. Motivation theories
4. Build trust and develop individuals
5. Coaching skill
6. Effective Communication Skills

Improved Team Performance as a Likeable Boss



This course is designed to empower leaders with the skills and insights necessary to foster improved team performance while cultivating a likable and respected leadership persona. It focuses on developing key leadership qualities, effective delegation, task selection for inspiration, employing wisdom in leadership, team role identification, and building trust within the team.

Negotiation Skills

A dynamic training course designed to empower participants with the essential skills and strategies needed to excel in negotiations across various contexts. This comprehensive program covers the entire negotiation process, from understanding core concepts to dealing with complex issues and achieving win-win outcomes. Participants will gain practical insights and techniques to navigate negotiations effectively and ethically.

Effective Leadership & Influence



This training aims to define "leadership" and explore historical perspectives with the Great Man Theory and Trait Theory. Participants will gain insights into Transformational Leadership and learn to adapt their leadership styles based on a nuanced understanding of the people they lead. The course covers leading through Directing, Participating, and Delegating, incorporating principles from Kouzes and Posner. Additionally, participants will conduct a personal inventory, create an action plan, and establish personalized leadership goals for effective development.

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